What is included in each Miles & Stones Toolkit (formerly the Monti Kids Program)?

For $195 you receive everything you need to support your little one's rapid cognitive development for 3 months. 

Each payment includes: 

One shipment of Autentic Montessori Toys for Kids

  • 1 delivery of premium, Montessori materials. Each delivery includes at least 6 items, but sometimes more. We explain when and how to introduce the materials over a 3 month period, and your child will continue to use them for many months or years after that.

Access to Parent Learning Center 

  • Videos that explain how to set up your play space and how to introduce each toy to maximize its benefits
  • Brief written guides that explain the research behind each toy and the benefits to your child, as well as some Montessori parenting guidance

Coaching & Exclusive Parent Community

  • Access to personalized, expert advice from our team of Montessori moms and teachers via both email and one-on-one video call!
  • An online space to discuss and learn the latest about Montessori education and parenting

Monti Kids subscriptions are designed to be flexible to meet your little one's unique developmental journey. This means you can make changes at any time including requesting your next level sooner if your child is progressing more quickly than expected, later if he or she is still developing certain skills, put your subscription on hold, or cancel at any time.

For more information about how our subscriptions work or items included, please email us at [email protected].

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