When do we rotate toys?

Most families find it best to rotate toys on a schedule. Choosing a time that baby is sleeping or out for a walk each week - Wednesdays during morning nap for example - will help you to feel less overwhelmed by the process. When it’s time to rotate, assess the toys that are out on the shelf. Which toys have you observed your little one using regularly, which are less used, which have been mastered, or which are being used in “alternative” ways are a few questions you might ask yourself. Rotate out those toys that are being used “creatively” or those that haven’t had much action this week. Rotate back in toys that were perhaps in this category the week before or a new toy you’re planning to introduce. A toy is ready for retirement if, after a few times being rotated out and back in, it is no longer being engaged with and has been mastered. Check out our blog post on the reasons we simplify the play space and rotate here: Why Rotating Toys Helps Develop Your Baby's Ability To Focus

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