How do we do this with twins?

Twins! Double the fun! It will be very natural for your little ones to want to be and work together. This parallel play is very normal in any environment that has more than one child in it, and a big part of their social development. You only need one set of toys for the twins to share. 

We do, however, recommend adapting the toy timeline to meet their needs. Feel free to introduce two toys on the same day (one to each child or present the toy in a way that both babies can see). That way, they’ll each have something to play with. You can move through the toy timeline at your own pace, based on your observation of their needs and interests. 

When presenting the toys, try to do it individually - maybe one will wake sooner from a nap than the other? Or maybe one can go for a walk while the other plays? And then take turns. Observe their interests and interactions. They may interact and “share” a toy but then settle into their own thing for a while (returning to check in with each other again later).

If you find that they aren’t able to work independently as easily, even with some gentle redirecting “Your sister/brother is using the Rolling Drum right now. Would you like to try the square rattle?” then perhaps building some alone time into their days will help them to get the feeling of concentration and independence that these materials can provide. We know as parents of young twins it may sound overwhelming to build in solo play time but even just a few minutes of independent play time could be really beneficial. 

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