How are Monti Kids toys different from other toys available in the market?

Monti Kids toys are designed to meet your child’s developmental milestones and to provide just the right amount of challenge, without being over stimulating. They are based on the time-tested, research-backed Montessori method. Some unique aspects of our toys include:

– Isolation of difficulty: This encourages your child to practice their existing skills while tackling one new concept at a time, allowing them to challenge themself without getting overwhelmed.

– Progressive levels of challenge: Our toys are designed to grow with your child. As they learn, they will discover new ways to play that will stretch their skills. Our toys are introduced in sequence because they build upon one another.

– Control of error: Our toys include features that help children to self-correct. This encourages your child to repeat and gain the tremendous benefits of problem solving independently.

– Simplicity: Our toys are made of natural materials without lights, sounds and too many bright colors or patterns. This allows children to focus as they play without being distracted or overstimulated. Our toys are not built to entertain your child, but rather to engage their curiosity, creativity, and problem solving skills.

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