Are Monti Kids toys safe for my baby?

Our shelves are all manufactured in the United States (California and Nevada), and ship from those locations.

All of our other Monti Kids toys are designed here in the U.S. They are then manufactured by family-owned factories in Vietnam and China that we personally visit regularly to be sure our high standards are being met and that our proprietary paints, stains, dyes and finishes are being used (in addition to a third party quality agent we have hired to do these inspections throughout each production). When searching for a manufacturer, it was important to us, like you, that we choose a company that reflects our values through the quality of toys produced and in the way they care for their employees. We were fortunate enough to find both with our manufacturer, who also assists several well known wooden toy companies in Europe.

Once manufactured, we then submit our toys and the materials used in them for chemical and mechanical safety testing at a leading third party lab based in the U.S. where we check for harmful chemicals (including including formaldehyde and phthalates) and heavy metals (like lead and cadmium) as well as mechanical issues. Our toys and the materials used in them have met or exceeded all US safety standards (ASTM) and the more strict European Regulatory Requirements Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC or any other Act enforced by the CPSC & EC for children 0-3 years old (which is true of only 4% of toys in the U.S.).

All of our wooden toys are made from FSC-certified sustainably sourced wood. We use both hard to find, high grade Russian birch plywood and solid birch wood depending upon the toy. None of our materials are particle board or MDF. It may seem counterintuitive, but in some shapes and configurations solid wood is best, while in others, solid wood may never pass safety testing. Monti Kids was started by moms and safety is our top priority, so these choices are always based on what is safest in testing.

Some of our toys also contain fabric parts, which are are 100% new cotton (like our crocheted Batting Ball), 100% food grade silicone (like our Dining Set mat and bowl), and stainless steel (like our Dining Set flatware).

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