How to Make a Gift Purchase

Monti Kids is a wonderful gift for families! 

You can purchase any Monti Kids Level for your recipient by selecting the "Get Started" link on our subscription page for the Level that you prefer. This will take you to the specific page for that box with more details about what is included and the learning benefits that your gift recipient can expect. Click the "Subscribe" button and this should take you to the Shopping Cart page. After you've reached this point, select the "Is this a gift purchase?" option before proceeding to the Check-Out page.  

As you go through the check out process, you will have two options: either gifting a Monti Kids Subscription or a One-Time Gift. If you choose the "Monti Kids Subscription" option this will automatically renew every 3 months. A One-Time Gift will not create an ongoing automatic subscription. Either one of these versions of your Monti Kids gift purchase includes our box of materials and access to our online content as well as individualized support from our Learning Team for your gift recipient. 

Please note: The gift notification date is only the day that your gift recipient will start getting our emails and receive access to all of the online content. Your purchase will ship immediately after you've placed the order. 

Unsure which Level would be best for your gift recipient? You can purchase a Monti Kids Gift Card, which allows your recipient to choose which level is best for their family. 

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